Hi everyone!

Ok, so this is me, and I’ve decided to blog. Again. But his time, I’ll do it with a purpose. I have yet to find it, but I will, eventually.

So this time, I’ll talk about a movie I saw yesterday. I had never seen it before, which is strange, since I love movies about WWII. “Enemy at the gates”. I really liked it! And what is there not to like? Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Ed Harris… all good actors in a good movie. It’s about this kid, Vassili (Jude Law), who happens to be an exceptionally good sniper during the Stalingrad battle in 1942. He gets to be so good and kills so many Nazi officials, that they get Ed Harris to hunt him down and kill him. So, they begin a cat-mouse hunt which can be won by only one of them. Great acting, good thriller. Highly recommendable. There is a scene which I think is pretty gratuitous, but hey, nobody is perfect.

On another subject, the kids are almost officially on vacation, which will give me a bit more time to breathe. That is good!

Oh, one more thing. I couldn’t decide on which language I would use to write my blog. So, I decided on the following: I will write in whichever language I feel like writing in the moment, either English of Spanish. Bear with me; I have many friends who don’t speak Spanish, and others who don’t speak English. I’m pretty sure English will be the dominant language, though.

Well, see you soon… have a good day people!!


4 thoughts on “Hi everyone!

  1. Lady “the Saw chick” Phantom,

    It is nice to see you starting up your own blog.

    Enemy Of The Gates is so old and not horror, come on LP you have to start with a horror movie. I am going to hold this against you. Not really, but I do like seeing that you are taking a journey back into time and expanding your horizons with older movies.

    I bet you can’t wait until the children are finished schooling. You need to relax and take it easy over the summer and watch as many horror movies as you can. The way to do this is by listening to Horror Jungle. You will get spoiled with loads of horror movie recommendations.

    Keep in touch, your friend forever,

    Horror Jungle

    • Oh, Bill! I just started with the movie I’d recently seen. And that is not really old, is it? Besides, you know I like all kinds of movies… Oh, and you know you don’t have to sell HJ to me… noticed how it’s among my favorite sites? Hahaha… Talk to you soon!

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