Finally, school year is finished!!

So it is!! And I must say, my kids finished it in style. Their grades were great, and I’m immensely proud. My 10 year old finished first and my 8 year old finished fourth. Their vacation has officially begun, and I really hope God gives me great ideas to do with them during the following 6 weeks. Really. Hope. So.

Also about school, I learned today that the director has retired, and a new one is coming. I hope the change is for the better… Especially, I hope my 8yo gets a better teacher than the one my 10yo got when he was in 3rd grade. She was really lazy, never checked homework, and did whatever was in her hand to save herself work. I really, really hope for a good teacher for him, and of course for his older brother as well. But in the meantime…

Lets enjoy the vacation!! No cooking extra early, no running (too much) all the time… and I get to have lunch with my kids!! How cool is that? I like that because since they have to have lunch at 11:45 am, I always end up eating lunch by myself when they are at school –my kids go to school in the afternoon–, so that makes me very happy.

I haven’t decided what to do about the plants just yet… more news on that on a later post. See y’all soon!


One thought on “Finally, school year is finished!!

  1. Hi Lady Phantom!
    Love your blog, and already fav’d it. Was wanting to write and apologize. It seems that during my fixing of the comments; I somehow deleted your comment. I am so sorry! Doc and I were having problems, and during the messing-around with it; I got rid of all the comments up on my blog. But we have it all figured out now! Hopefully; there will be no more hick-ups.

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