On a dilemma about some plants…

I am in a dilemma. Huge. Ok, back story. I love cooking, and I love herbs. Actually, I have quite a few pots with herbs; I prefer that to buying them. I used to have more, but thanks to some days in February in which we reached a temperature of -4°C (24°F), I lost some of them. Now, I had a neighbor who loves plants as well, but she just moved. Obviously, she took all her plants with her, except for a few that are planted in the ground, not in pots. Among them are two beautiful plants: basil and mint. I checked them out, and it looks like they are not coming back for them… my great dilemma is: do I take them home? Somehow I feel bad about the idea of taking them without permission… but at the same time, I really think they will die with no water or anybody to look after them, and of course, take advantage of them.

So that’s it, that’s my great dilemma. If I figure out what to do any time soon, I’ll let you guys know. Bye for now!!


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