It’s Monday!

Yep, it’s Monday, and the first official day of vacation for my kids. It was a good day, I think… I finally got The Sixth Sense (no idea why we didn’t have it already) and I bought a good magazine. I wanted to buy a lash curler, but it was too expensive… $269.00!!! In dollars, it’s about $22.60. WHAT??? Does it dance, does it curl the lashes without my help, or what does it do? Nope, didn’t buy it. It will have to be later.

I also watched some videos on YouTube. For example, the 5 most shocking movie endings. The ending #5 was “Fight Club”. It wasn’t that shocking, but it was confusing. The 4th one was the one from “Se7en”… now, that’s shocking. Poor Brad Pitt…. “what’s in the box??”… Number 3 was “The Sixth Sense”. I would have given that the first place… and thanks to that video I realized we didn’t have the movie. Duh. Ok, number 2 was for “The Usual Suspects”. Great movie, awesome ending!! If you haven’t watched it, please do. And the first place was for…. “Saw”!! Definitely one of my favorite horror franchises (sorry Bill), and it is truly an unexpected twist. I would also have added “The Others”, though. Really unexpected. Have you seen other movies with shocking or unexpected endings? Feel free to comment.

Oh, and the plants. What happened about that? Well, nothing. It turns out a girl is still watering them, so I suppose they still have an owner. Therefore, I’m not taking them. I would really hate it if someone took my plants without my permission. Actually, there was a little epazote plant (it’s an aromatic herb used in Mexican cooking) growing in my parking place. Right from the concrete floor, that’s how sturdy the little thing is. Someone grabbed it, and one day it was gone. And I was pissed. I can’t imagine how angry I would be if someone took a whole bunch.

Well, I guess that’s all for now… but in the meantime, think about this question: what is the saddest movie ending you have seen? I’ll talk about that later on…

See you soon!!


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