On the saddest endings…

Ok, so now I return to the question: what is the saddest movie ending you remember?

There are a number of sad endings: Leo DiCaprio’s in Titanic, Michael Keaton’s in My life, Eric Bana’s in The Time Traveler’s Wife (sniffles)… there are others which are sad, but hopeful at the same time. For example, R. Benigni’s in La vita è bella. There were a lot of people crying at the end of that one, but I wasn’t. Why? Because The father died to protect his son, and he succeeded. If he had died and the son had been killed, that would have been a tragedy. Then there is The Notebook; kind of sad and kind of sweet. But none of those is the saddest I have seen.

The saddest movie ending I have seen comes from Somewhere in Time. If you like very, very romantic movies, I recommend it. If not, avoid it. But since I’m a hopeless romantic, I loved it. We have a very young and handsome Christopher Reeve who receives a visit from an old lady who tells him “Come back to me”… and so, he begins a journey that involves time traveling and meeting the love of his life. Very beautiful movie, and Jane Seymour has never looked more gorgeous. In case you haven’t seen it, I won’t say what happens. What I can tell you is that the last time I saw this movie, I couldn’t stop crying until 15 minutes after the movie finished. It’s THAT sad.

Well, having said this, feel free to comment on the saddest movie endings you remember (should you want to do so, of course). Until the next time! And in the meantime, I’ll finish the “Mummy” marathon I’m enjoying with my kids.

See you soon!!


2 thoughts on “On the saddest endings…

  1. Para mi la mas triste fue el Diario de Noa, que triste final, me la pase llore y llore. La de Pide al tiempo que vuelvas tambien es muy bonita, debo de decir que eres muy sensible ehhh 🙂

    • Lau, la del Diario de Noah es The Notebook, verdad? Donde él le lee a su esposa lo que ella misma escribió para que no lo olvidara? Es triste, pero también muy lindo, porque mueren juntos, no? Y sí, soy una chilletas…. 🙂

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