Why so much hatred against Twilight???

I love Harry Potter: I really do. Because of that, I am subscribed to a number of podcasts that talk about HP, and I even participate in one. I read lots of comments about it and about other franchises, such as Underworld (love it!) and a number of vampire and other horror movies. And every once in a while, more often than I’d like, some hater says horrible (and idiotic) things about the Twilight saga. Why???

First of all, I don’t see why some HP fans should feel “threatened” by Twilight. They say that HP is better, that Twilight is stupid… honestly, can’t they see it’s TOTALLY different? Why is a world of magic compared to a world where nice vampires coexist with not so nice vampires and shape shifters (NOT werewolves)? It’s just dumb. If haters took the time to read the Stephenie Meyer’s saga, they just might see why they are loved. They are good books, definitely not in the category of Harry Potter, but good. Also, the target audience is completely different. HP is directed to a wide audience, from children to adults. Twilight is directed mainly to teenagers, although adults also like them as well.

Another thing: people say that vampires such as those in Twilight are not scary; vampires should be scary, etc… The idea of this book is to be different. And newsflash: the Twilight saga deals with a love story that happens to develop between humans, vampires and shape shifters. No one said that it was meant to be a horror story.

Also, one of the funniest things is that whenever you read such hateful comments, you ask the people responsible if they have read or seen the Twilight books/movies, and they always say they have not. How can you hate so much something you don’t even know?

But all of this takes me to the real issue: why do people make hateful comments about one thing when the main topic is a completely different one? That, I cannot understand. It’s as if I told you, “Oh, I love apples!” and you said “well, I hate pears!! Kill them all!!” How does that make any sense at all? I come to the conclusion that some people are just looking for an excuse to pore their hatred, and I feel sorry for them. My mom used to say, “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”. I won’t go so far. I am not saying that I never criticize movies or books, but at least when I do it it’s because I have actually seen or read them. Besides, you have to remember that there are different things for different tastes. The fact that I don’t like a movie does not make it a bad movie. The same goes for all things. Actually, I really think movies (and books, plays, etc) that cause strong emotions, good or bad, are good. The worst movies are those which don’t cause a reaction, but provoke indifference.

To finish, let me say this: I am not saying “Twilight haters, read and watch the books and movies and love them!!”. Definitely not. What I am saying is: if you don’t know something, don’t criticize it. If you do know it and don’t like it, say so when asked about it, not when asked about a completely different topic; it just makes you look hateful and ignorant.

Ok, rant finished… see you later!


2 thoughts on “Why so much hatred against Twilight???

  1. Believe it or not Lady Phantom I agree with you.

    Me being one of the hardest core horror fans, you would think I would disagree with your take on Twilight, but I cannot. I have seen all 3 of them and let me tell you, I sure the Hell did not want to. But they needed to be reviewed and rated on a podcast.

    I cannot tell you how many times people have commented on how dumb they are and never seen 5 minutes of footage. Twilight has elicited such hatred among the horror crowd and I do not understand it. Total agreement, if you haven’t seen something don’t put your 2 cents in on it, you make yourself look like an idiot.

    Twilight is like Titanic to me. Titanic had many, many rave reviews, but to put it simple, it was a love story, similar in vain to Twilight. It is a love story first and foremost, with a touch of horror thrown in with the Vampires and Shapeshifters. It still hits the “horror” genre and when it does, then I must watch it.

    Excellent blog Lady. By the way, I hate Harry Potter, and yes I have seen them all. I was forced by my wife. lol. I do not like pure “fantasy-style” mumbo jumbo.

    Horror Jungle

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