Richard Harris VS. Michael Gambon…

Have I mentioned that my current obsession is Harry Potter? Just in case… 🙂

Now that the movie franchise is over, I think I might address the Harris VS. Gambon issue. First of all, let me tell you that Richard Harris will always be Dumbledore. At least, the Dumbledore I always imagined.  He captured his essence in a beautiful way… calm, self contained, always with that twinkle in his eye… So, when he passed away in 2002, I was concerned about who would take his place. And in came Michael Gambon.

In Prisoner of Azkaban I just wasn’t convinced… he looked so different! The bonnet, the little thingy in his beard… not to mention that he almost never wore the half-moon shaped glasses. And his voice, so loud!! I read somewhere that he said he had not read the books when he started to play Dumbledore, and it showed. I was not pleased. But then, Goblet of Fire came along… and here was where I just couldn’t stand him. Especially that infamous scene where Harry is chosen by the Goblet of Fire to take part in the Triwizard Tournament. Dumbledore was supposed to arrive and ask him calmly if he had put his name in, and then believe Harry when he said no. But NO!! Instead, he ran to meet Harry (Dumbledore? RUNNING??), he shouted at him, I think he even shook him. That was so NOT who Dumbledore was, that I hated Gambon’s performance.

But then came Order of the Phoenix. At the beginning I did not like him that much, but at the end, that duel with Voldemort… I had to respect the man. But he was still lacking that something that made Dumbledore… well, Dumbledore.

I liked him much more in Half Blood Prince. He seemed to get the personality a bit more… I can say that I would have liked to see more of him, if they had only showed all the memories… but all the cave scene was truly good. And then, finally, Deathly Hallows part 2!!! I know he only participated in a small part of the movie, but I could finally see Dumbledore there! Not as Richard Harris had been, but he was really there… the happiness in him, the deep quality in his personna… He did a great, great job. So I can say, after all is “finished”, I liked Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. If not in all the movies, at least in the final ones.

If anybody out there shares this obsession with me, tell me what you think… I’d love to hear from you!

See you later!!


Please let me know what you think!!

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