What makes a great one great?

I ask this question because, as we speak, there are people thinking and saying that the late Amy Winehouse already belongs with the “27 club” (Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, etc.), not only because she died at the age of 27, but also because of her contribution to the world of music.

Well, it’s –relatively– easy to die at 27, but to be a part of that group… that’s another story.

I thnk we should address matters in an organized way. Yes, she also died at 27. But that’s no reason to glorify her (or any of the others, for that matter). Why did she die at such a young age? Maybe because of a terrible accident? Maybe she suffered from a horrible disease? No. She died because she was self destructive. So were the others. Yes, I know drug addiction is considered to be an illness… although that could be disputable. People with fatal diseases don’t normally have the conscious choice to get sick, whereas people who do drugs make the decision to try them. And then, they make the decision to keep taking them. And so, when things like this happen… well, it was expected. It sounds real bad, but it was.

Now, was her contribution to music important enough to consider her a part of the greatest singers/musicians that have lived? I don’t think so. She was good, not great. She was talented, definitely. But all the talent of the world is not enough if you lead your life in such a disorganized way… I know there are AW lovers that think she was awesome and stuff… well, there are singers for every taste, aren’t there? As well as everything else. But to compare her to Jim Morrison, or Jimmy Hendrix… even Elvis Presley, I don’t think so.

The true tragedy here is that once more, a life was taken by the belief that drugs don’t kill. That if you are famous, you have to take drugs. People have to understand that drugs do kill, and all the talent in the world will not save you. Young people need to see that these people are not good role models, that doing drugs is not “cool”. Parents need to educate our kids about drugs. Tell them things as they are, not be afraid.

I have also read many jokes on the poor Winehouse girl, or people saying that she had it coming… honestly, people? Can there be such hard-hearted ones? Who are you to say that someone had it coming? To make jokes about her fate? You do know that whatever goes around, comes around, right? I may not agree or approve of the way she led her short life, but I can only imagine what went through her mind, what demons she fought. I pray that she has finally found what she was looking for, and that she be at peace.

Ok, I’ll go now. I’ll see you soon…

PS: What makes a great one great? If you find out, let me know…


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