What I missed from Deathly Hallows…

Ok, so now I’ve given it some thought. What would I have liked to have seen in the movies that wasn’t there?

It all ends? Not even close...

I would have loved to see Dudley acknowledge the fact that Harry saved his life, and he was not a waste of space. A little of that can be seen in the deleted scenes, but it’s not the same.

At the Burrow, I’d like to have seen the Weasleys give Harry Fabian Prewett’s old gold watch. It would have been a nice detail.

Later on, I would have LOVED to see Kreacher’s tale, and Harry giving him Regulus’s locket. For some reason, that moment in the book makes me hold Kreacher dear to my heart… but we don’t get to see much of him. Unfortunately.

After Ron leaves and returns to Harry and Hermione, he should have explained about the taboo (how protective spells didn’t work at the mention of Voldemort’s name). We do get an idea of it in the movies, but it should have been clearer. Maybe they didn’t want to make Harry responsible for getting caught… And in Malfoy Manor, they should have shown Wormtail’s death by his own hand (most literally).

Getting into part 2, the scene at Gringott’s was very good overall. A few changes here and there, but excellent. And now that I mention this, I think previously (Half-Blood Prince) they should have shown all the memories, or at least tell what the horcruxes were. True, in DH they made Harry know what they were very smoothly, but it was not the same…

The next important thing I missed was the full Harry-Dumbledore talk at King’s Cross. However, I understand it would have been too much, especially since the Dumbledore family’s story was never explained fully. But all that Dumbledore explained about why Voldemort couldn’t kill Harry would have been very educational.

The next thing I missed was, again, Kreacher. Kreacher leading the house elves to fight, supporting Harry against Voldemort. But it couldn’t be done, since they hadn’t shown Kreacher’s allegiance to Harry nor the house elves in the kitchens. I get why it wasn’t there, but I really missed Kreacher (naaaaaaaaah, really??)… Aldo during the battle in the Great Hall, I think Molly Weasley should have shouted her line. It was done very well in the movie, but I think everybody expected her to bellow the words.

And of course, what I missed the most: Harry’s explanation to Voldemort. About Snape, about the Elder Wand, about the fact that he needed to show remorse… Harry speaking to him in front of everyone, calling him Tom Riddle, telling him that the Elder Wand belonged to Harry, taking to his attention how he could hurt nobody else because Harry was willing to die for them, just as his mother had died for him. and of course, showing how it was Voldemort who killed himself with his rebounding spell, and his body just falling to the ground. That would have shown him in all his “humanity”, exactly what he didn’t want.

Don’t get me wrong, I get why all the changes were made. It would have been hard to watch a movie with the length of a mini-series. Still, there were a few things they could have done without much effort. But also, there were many things in the movie that weren’t in the book and worked brilliantly. Especially how they managed to work out the horcruxes without all the information that was given in HBP (book). A scene that was not in the book, but can be seen in the movie, is the Chamber of Secrets. GREAT scene. The Epilogue also worked a lot better in the movie than in the book.

Special mention to the actors; everyone was excellent in this movie.

I know, I sometimes (by some I mean many many) I get all geeky. But hey, a blog is a way to get all geeky about what you love, right? See you soon!



3 thoughts on “What I missed from Deathly Hallows…

  1. Oh Ari!!! I so agree!!
    I missed so many of the same things. Especially Harry’s explanation to Voldemort about Snape and the wand…and that would have taken, what 5 more minutes? It would have made the ending so much richer if they’d done the way it was in the book. I also felt the whole theme of the books, love and its power in all its ways, was left out of the finale as well. If they’d left in the fact that Harry’s willingness to sacrifice himself saved all of the others from Voldemort’s curses, they’d have made the ending so much more fulfilling.
    I loved the movie, but left unsatisfied.

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