On 2D and 3D movies…

Ok, so I was running out of inspiration, and I took an idea from my WordPress friends. And, it happens to be a topic I find interesting; bonus.

I remember, long ago, a time when going to the movies to catch a 3D flick was the coolest thing ever. And then it ended.

We spent a long time watching good old fashioned 2D movies, and we were fine… and then, along came Avatar. Those blue guys certainly have a way to turn everything around them into… gold? No, into 3D. Suddenly, every movie happens to have a 3D version. Now, the big question: is it really necessary?

I won’t say that I hate 3D, because I don’t. I just find it to be highly overused at the moment. There are certain movies that benefit a lot from it, like the already mentioned, Avatar. Filmed in 3D, and with breathtaking scenarios. Great for 3D. Visually, a dream come true. I won’t talk about the movie itself; that’s another story, and one I don’t like to talk about… I will just say we’ve seen that story a million times, only not with blue people. But I digress. There are movies that look awesome in 3D. But come on, all of them? I just can’t picture the smurfs in 3D, for example. Lots of films are perfectly ok in 2D, and if the movie makers don’t want to get people tired of the 3D resource too soon, they would do well to reserve it only for movies which are actually worth it.

Personally, I like the normal way to watch movies. In a movie that doesn’t really need 2D, it’s actually a distraction from the movie itself. Of course I don’t rule out the possibility, but only with a few well chosen films.

In conclusion, I’m not sure 3D is here to stay. It has come and gone before. But if filmmakers keep using it in excess, like they are now, it will certainly fade away. They just might get their audience overtired. But hey, at least you don’t have to wear a silly red and blue pair of 3D glasses anymore, right?

Have you seen lots of movies in 3D? Do you like it? Do you prefer our old friend, 2D? I’d like to hear from you on that.

See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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