My 5 favorite comedy movies…

Hi again! I’m back with my 5 favorite comedy movies, because if there is one thing I love doing, is laughing. Out loud. Some of them are funnier than others; they are actually not all the same kind. However, here they are…

5. 50 First dates. Adam Sandler + Drew Barrimore = Fun, and lots of it. Plus, it’s heartwarming. My favorite combo.

4. Knocked up. It’s irreverent and funny, and it still manages to have a message and to be heartwarming. And Ken Jeong is hilarious.

3. Zombieland. Woody Harrelson fighting and destroying zombies, while searching all around for a twinkie!! Hilarious, and gory!!

2. Meet the Spartans. One of the few recent parodies that makes me laugh ever-single-time. I know not many people like it, but I love it!!

1. The Hangover. I had thought of “Men in Tights”, but this one beats it hands down. It’s hilarious and unexpected, and it manages to make you laugh out loud even if you have seen it before. Great, great comedy!!

That is it for my funny movies… I’ll be back….. I WILL! See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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