Eleven years ago…

I know, shameless me. I haven’t posted in a while, but I have to say I was really busy. I had visitors and my kids just went back to school, so I just couldn’t get around to writing until now. The good thing is, I have something (someone) very important to write about.

My mommy.

This beautiful lady is my late mom. She left this world today eleven years ago, just as I was pregnant with my first son. I always miss her, and not a day goes by without me thinking of her. But the greatest thing is that now, instead of feeling sad when I think about her, I normally feel happy. She was a great mother; she had her issues, like everyone else, but she was awesome. The thing I remember the most is her catchy phrases… she was beautiful, funny, and she could be rather strict too. If there is one thing I wish had happened, is for my kids to have gotten to know her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible; not in this world, at least. But they would have had SO much fun with her… Anyways, I know she keeps an eye on us, and I thank God for having given her to me as a mother. I really do.

There!! I’ll be back soon… see you later!



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