My 5 favorite drama movies

This was tough. There are many, many good drama movies. However, these are the 5 that came to mind first…

5. American History X. Very crude, very painful. One of Edward Norton’s best performances, and that is saying a lot. I still think he deserved the oscar, not Roberto Benigni… “Life is beautiful” was a good movie, but he wasn’t acting; he was playing himself.

4. The Bucket List. Funny, sad, inspiring… Excellent actors!! Breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Great movie.

3. Gladiator. “At my signal, unleash hell”. One of my favorite quotes of all time!!

2. Schindler’s list. Round movie. One of Spielberg’s best, although it didn’t escape his touch. Everything was ok until the end, when he starts saying “I could have saved more…!!”. I felt that was not entirely convincing. Other than that, Sir Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes… great movie.

1. The Godfather. They say that everything you shoyld know about life is in “The Godfather”. Of course it’s not a trilogy that talks about morality; that is not the point. But you can see many other things: love loyalty, friendship, honor. True, there are many murders, but we are talking Italian mafia. Of course there are killings. But these movies are not about that. My favorite one is part 2, actually. De Niro is awesome!

So here they are. I’ll be back soon with more favorites… see you soon!



2 thoughts on “My 5 favorite drama movies

  1. Two of my favourites are on your list: Gladiator and Schindler’s List. So many good quotes from Gladiator. Schindler’s List…the only Speilberg movie I can stand to watch. The rest are all too smarmy.

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