On re-reading Harry Potter…

I have lost count of how many times I’ve read Harry Potter. Seriously. And I have no idea of how many more times I will read those books… they are just too engaging. I just finished reading Order of the Phoenix (again), and I can’t wait to start Half-Blood Prince… It’s just that, now that I know how everything ends, it’s fascinating to read and find the million clues that were just there, but were totally ignored. And I can get angry (again) about all the details that didn’t make it into the movies. Oh, one day I’m going to go on a looooong rant about that… maybe during the podcast (Secrets of Harry Potter, http://www.sqpn.com). Maybe somewhere else.

Oh, and after I finish Deathly Hallows (again), I suppose I will restart The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Haven’t read those in a while. I still have a few other things to read, though… I’ll just read everything.

Well, this was a short post… but fret not, I’ll be back soon! See you!


6 thoughts on “On re-reading Harry Potter…

  1. You should wait on rereading until you get into Pottermore. I’ve heard that it’s a good idea to read the books alongside exploring Pottermore.

    And no, I haven’t yet received Pottermore letter #3.


    • Oh, I will totally read them again!! I have no problem with that… besides, the only one that we’ll be able to read, at least at the beginning, is Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone…

      Can’t wait for my mail!!

  2. I’ve read the early books at least 20 times each, and am getting close to that with the later ones. I re-read them all at least twice a year, and read the whole series prior to any new book coming out, and then again after reading the new one (twice, before getting any sleep on release night after getting it at midnight ;). Looking forward to Pottermore and enjoying them all over again!! 🙂
    I find something new every time, some little clue I missed the first 20+ times, a name or a new word I missed before…it’s so much fun.

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