What’s wrong with THAT???

Ok, back to my obsession. I haven’t gotten my Pottermore welcome e-mail; I’m patiently waiting. However, there are those who have gotten it and have hated the House they were sorted into.

There is this girl in a facebook group who was sorted into Hufflepuff and HATED the idea. She basically spends all her time writing “oh, you got sorted into Slytherin? How lucky… Ravenclaw is ok, unlike Hufflepuff… There is something cool about Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but in Hufflepuff there is nothing good…” ARGH!! I am so sick of reading her comments, as well as all the comments of people who, like her, got sorted into Hufflepuff instead of the other three Houses.

You know how (I say you know, because if you’re still reading this post, you must be a Harry Potter fan. If you’re not, you just probably just rolled your eyes) the Sorting Hat says that Gryffindors are bold and chivalrous, Ravenclaws are super smart, Slytherins are ambitious and cunning, and Hufflepuffs are all the rest? That makes people think that there is nothing special about them. WRONG. Hufflepuffs are warm, loyal, fierce friends and hard workers. If people think that these are worthless qualities, then they need to sort their priorities better. A person can have all the “cool” qualities in the world, but if they are not trustworthy and loyal, they are not much. Where would Harry, Hermione and Ron be if they were not loyal to each other? If they were not good friends? Did not all Hufflepuff House stay to fight in the battle of Hogwarts, when all of Slytherin and some Ravenclaws left? Let’s understand this, the fact that the Hat sorts you into one House doesn’t mean you don’t have the other characteristics; it only means the ones that are exemplary of your House are the strongest. And while the Hufflepuff virtues may not be the “coolest”, they are certainly the ones that make for better people in general.

Oh well, here’s my ranto of the day. And it annoys me because there are so many people eagerly waiting for their mails, and there are those who have already been sorted, and they are too worried hating their House to actually enjoy the Pottermore experience. Seriously, if they dislike it so much, why don’t they just leave?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Gotta go grab some food. I hope you tell me what you think… see you soon!


11 thoughts on “What’s wrong with THAT???

  1. Do they think they’re ‘cooler’ if they’re in Slytherin? While Gryffindor would be fun because the trio were there, I figure I’d probably be sorted to Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, and I’d be fine with either.

    • I know! I think Slytherin is the only House I would definitely not like to be sorted into. Gryffindor would be cool, but I don’t think I qualify in the “chivalrous” or “corageous” departments… or who knows, look at Neville, who showed his bravery until almost the very end. Ravenclaw would be fine; I think I’m smart enough. I think. Hufflepuff would also be fine; I do think I’m a good, loyal friend. But Slytherin… ugh. Snape is the only really cool thing about it.

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