My bucket list…

And here I am, writing thanks to the sudden inspiration my friends at The Daily Post gave me… a bucket list. I’ve seen the movie, and I sure want to do stuff before I “kick the bucket”… but what?

So, I’ll try to come up with a few things, such as…

  • Visit Canada. If possible, live there.
  • Visit Veracruz. If possible, even live there for a while.
  • Go back to Guadalajara.
  • Visit Disneyland with my kids.
  • See my grandchildren be born and grow up.
  • Fly First-Class.
  • Take a cruise.
  • Have a nice, big house and someone to clean it for me.
  • Visit the Magical World of Harry Potter.
  • Act and sing in a play.
  • Have my own podcast.
This is all I can think of right now… and I sure will need to live for a long time, seeing as I want to live in three different places!! Hehehehe… But there you go. What would you like to do before you go? See you soon!

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