Of an excellent book and an excellent site. And potions.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while; the last post kind of drained me. I had a very intense moment there… but I am back and well!

I just finished reading a book called “Tu hijo, tu espejo” (“Your child, your mirror”), and I think it’s excellent. It has a lot of very true ideas about love, kids, and even unsolved problems from our oun childhood. It’s incredible to realize that many of the so called “problems” that we see in our kids are nothing more than a projection of our own issues, even the ones we have carried since we were children. Very good eye opener; I want to read it again to understand it even better. And I am absolutely trying the suggestions there; you can never try too hard to have the best relationship possible with your children.

And what’s the excellent site? Pottermore, of course!! I’m totally hooked. I’ve already finished all the chapters in Philosopher’s Stone, but I’ve been brewing potions like crazy… you know, to earn points to win the House Cup. Go Ravenclaws!! Of course, there have been some (many) glitches, but everything will be smoothed out in time. I can’t wait for Wizard Duel to start again!!

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I will be back soon!! See you!



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