See you later, Steve!

I’ve heard many things about Steve Jobs through the years, although, admittedly, I was never very interested. Recently, however, I had started to be a bit more interested; especially since I heard that he was sick. I’d looked at some of his pictures, and he seemed like a good guy. And then, he died. Boy, was I shocked!

Somehow I felt really sad; it seemed so unbelievable. I knew he was sick and fighting, but still, his passing caught me unawares. Since then I’ve learned some really cool stuff about him, for example, that we was an adopted kid, that he never finished college… he was so grateful for everything that had been given to him, for the good moments and the bad…

He created Pixar!! WOW!! So many movies I love exist because he existed! Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Wall-E, for example. Almost everyone who has seen Toy Story 3 has cried. It’s hard for me to think of a cooler family than The Incredibles. Everytime I see a squirrel (on TV, of course) or hear the word, I can’t help saying “Squirrel!!” Wow. And like those, many other examples.

Then, there’s the computer… I’ve never owned an Apple computer, but the guy influenced the technological world soooooo much! We have the iPods thanks to him, too… Also, thanks to Steve Jobs, podcasts exist, basically. So many of us have found a way to express ourselves thanks to podcasting, and so many others have found great companions in the podcasts they listen to. It was only until very recently that I acquired an iPod, and it is amazing!

I just saw a speech he gave at Stanford, some commencement exercises. It has been one of the most beautiful speeches I’ve seen. It showed me that I have to be a little hungrier, and that it’s ok to be foolish. It showed me the kind of person I want to be more like. Thanks Steve, for everything you gave us. You DID make the world a better place. I am sure you are in a better place now, and I hope someday, hopefully in a long time, I’ll get to meet you… See you later, Steve!


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