On comfort food and a funny recipe book. By my mom.

Ok, this is one of those days on which I really don’t know what to say… but here I was, looking at some pictures of food, and I thought of this. Everyone has a different idea of what comfort food is… my personal idea is the food that makes me feel good, which is normally the food that reminds me of my mother.

When I was young(er), my mom taught me to cook two things: rice and pasta soup (sopa aguada). That was pretty much it. Of course, from the moment she taught me how to cook those things, I was expected to do so. Every time. I also had to make coffee and “agua fresca” (flavored water). I was goooood. That began a new part of my life, of which I will talk about some other time. But I digress. The point is, all the other things that I know how to make, I know because I watched my mom make them. It’s funny; at the beginning I really thought I had no idea how to make stuff, but in time I started to “feel” how to make it… I started to remember what my mom did; the steps she took. That has come very, very handy, since I have my mother’s recipe book (which she typed for all her kids), and the recipes are… well… unique. You know, “pour a little of ____”, “when it’s ready (???), turn the heat off”… that kind of thing. Other times, it won’t tell you all the ingredients until the “how to” part, so you’ll have to read everything through a few times before you actually start to cook. And I have to say, many of the things she cooked, I cook SOOOOOOOO well. This brings us to my original thought: comfort food. For me, this means “Tzanchak” (beef broth with the meat, rice and a dressing made of raddish, onion and cilantro), picadillo, enchiladas (made with the picadillo), frijol con puerco (beans and pork), cazón seco, lentejas (lentil stew with sausage, bacon, eggs, potato, etc., a little thicker and hearty than soup), and a long etcetera. My mother cooked very well, and I’m happy to say I do too. All this stuff is comfort food because every time I taste it, it’s like my mother is right here with me, tasting it or laughing at me for trying… I wouldn’t put it past her, by the way. What I really want is for my boys to learn how to cook these things, so they become their comfort food as well…

I like to cook, as the Secrets of Harry Potter listeners will have learned by now, what with my recommending the unofficial recipe book for Harry Potter food. I really wish I could get my hands on that book… someday I will. I’m sure!! Maybe one of these days I will cook one of these recipes, either HP or my mom’s, and show you a picture… In the meantime, tell me, what’s your favorite comfort food? What does it remind you of?

See you later!


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