Captain America!!

Yes!! I finally got the chance to see it! And I loved it!

We go through Steve Rogers’s journey from being skinny to being, well, Chris Evans. Hahaha… I mean, it’s funny, right? He looks so not like himself when he’s thin… But well, we see how he gets the chance to be what he wants to be and fight as he wants to fight. Of course he faces the evil Red Skull while doing all of this!

I really liked the movie, as I said. The performances were really good. You see the actor who was Johnny Storm, but you can’t see a trace of Johnny Storm anywhere. You see a brave and dedicated man, who is willing to take a grenade even for the bullies who won’t leave him alone. Kudos for Chris Evans. The rest of the cast also does a very good job. (Hogo Weaving!! Tommy Lee Jones!!)

Another thing I liked is that even though it’s a superhero movie, it has a feel of a World War ll movie as well. I love WWll movies, by the way; I love History.

If there is one thing I didn’t particularly like is that it ended kind of abruptly for my taste, but it wasn’t that bad, because now I really can’t wait for the Avengers… I CANNOT WAIT.

Well, that’s all for The First Avenger. I highly recommend it!! See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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