On “A Clockwork Orange”…

I have to say, first of all, that I had NEVER wanted to watch this film. This was because I had once seen a moment of it, and I hadn’t particularly liked it. At all. But hey, that happened many years ago, so when my hubby wantd to watch it again, I decided to give it a go. I have to say, I’m glad I did.

Basically, this is the story of Alexander DeLarge, a spoiled brat who is used to doing whatever he likes, even if it involves stealing and raping. Alex comes to a point in which he is sent to jail, where he spends some time, and where he begins a journey into “curing” his behavior. In case you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t go deeper into that… that’s pretty much it. It’s a seemingly “simple” plot, but it’s deep and very intriguing.

Now, what did I think?

First of all, this is a Stanley Kubrick movie, so it’s never “simple” or easy to get. Every scene is well orchestrated, every performance, every color. Malcolm McDowell is great as Alex, a twisted, yet elegant boy who uses his own language and who is extremely proper when he speaks. You don’t like the guy, but at the same time, as the story progresses, you can’t help but simpathize with him… he is clearly the result of a not very normal brain and disastrous parents, who obviously never set limits for him. He wants to be good, but… well, it’s just not in his nature… is he used, or does he use others? Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

None of the other performances appealed so much to me as McDowell’s, but I suppose that’s the point. The decor is also not very much to my taste… 70’s, after all. But I can now see why it’s a masterpiece in its own right. You may not like it very much or you may love it, but the film moves your feelings, that’s for sure. And a warning: the violence and stuff that appears there may not be as bad as we are used to now, but it’s NOT for young people nonetheless.

Well, that’s my review… hope you like it! See you soon!


7 thoughts on “On “A Clockwork Orange”…

  1. Like you, I didn’t see the movie when it came out, but caught up with it recently. It’s interesting that the movie came from an Anthony Burgess novel, and maybe you know this, but Burgess had a different ending. A final chapter that the American publisher left out for unexpected reasons, aand that Kubrick says he didn’t know about when he made the movie. Sorry to be cryptic, but since you didn’t do a spoiler, I won’t.

  2. Ooo this movie is sooo good. It’s horrifying, emotional, and redeeming. I completely agree with you on whether or not we are supposed to sympathize with our gang-banging, violence-prone protagonist when he rightfully gets what he deserves. It’s such a complex movie.

    • I know… and in the end, does he get what he deserves, or is he returned to his original state by those who wanted him redeemed in the first place? For politics? Brilliant ending to a very complex movie!

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