What, no movies lately?

Nope. Not since last weekend, I think… But that is because I’ve enjoyed a few series beginnings this past week. For example, the new season of Grey’s Anatomy hast just started here, and I just have to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I love it, although knowing that McDreamy will leave at the end of the season makes me sad. Oh well.

I also watched the first to last episode of the season of Drop Dead Diva. I’ve already mentioned how much I like this series, but I’ll say again that it’s one of the most heart warming I’ve seen.

I also saw the beginning of A Gifted Man. I really enjoyed it!! I mean, Patrick Wilson, and directed by Jonathan Demme… About a neurosurgeon who suddenly discovers he can see his ex-wife’s ghost… I know, it’s nothing new, but I like the approach.

Desperate Housewives also began a new season, and it’s good so far. But it is definitely NOT as good as it once was. Let’s see if it gets better, what with this being the last season and all.

Yesterday I watched the first episode of the new season of House, and it didn’t disappoint. That guy is seriously damaged, but he never ceases to deliver. At the beginning it was hard to understand, but it got easier later on.

Oh, and I’ve also been checking out The X Factor. I feel it’s a lot more interesting than American Idol, and the talent there is… Wow. Let’s see how it develops!

Well, I hope to watch something this weekend, which of course I’ll report. Halloween is almost here, and I also have to think about that… (I´d love a Ravenclaw t-shirt or something!!!) and I also want to set an Altar de Muertos. When I do, I’ll show you pics.

See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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