On a cool horror movie podcast…

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog I dedicate to a good friend, BillChete, on his new horror movie podcast (which I learned about today): Grisly Zone. For all of you who like your horror movies, and who enjoy listening to critics, this is the podcast for you. BillChete hosts this cool show, and his co-host is the lovely Chrissifix. Together they discuss a DVD/BD release and give you their reviews, plus they recommend a horror movie for you to watch.

I recommend this podcast because I know BillChete, and he says things just as he sees them, for better or worse, but he respects other people’s opinions fully. If you happen to know Planet Macabre (as well as other shows), you know what I’m talking about. I had the pleasure of co-hosting Planet Macabre along with him and three other great people, and I can tell you the man is a gentleman. By the way, I’m Lady Phantom… hehehe! One of the few flaws that I see in him is his lack of love towards the Saw franchise. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

So, there it is! Join BillChete and Chrissifix for a good, fun show. And maybe one of these days you can listen to yours truly there! You can find Grisly Zone here. This will take you to the video version of the podcast; if you’d like to subscribe, you can do it either to get it as video or audio.

That’ll be all for now, see you soon!


2 thoughts on “On a cool horror movie podcast…

  1. Thank you so much my dear. They were some really touching words and I appreciate it. I do like the original Saw, it just got overplayed to me, too much CSI for my tastes in all the sequels. And by the way, do not, I say again, do not, waste your money on Faces In The Crowd, it is not worth it and I know what you like!

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