On Faces in the Crowd…

Well, this weekend I watched Faces in the Crowd, with Milla Jovovich. I know I had heard that I wouldn’t like it, but actually, I did!! The important thing to know is this: if you see the trailer and think it’s a scary movie, IT’S NOT. Not a horror movie. It’s more like a psychological thriller/drama. But if you see it in the hopes of seeing a good horror flick, you’ll be disappointed.

The story begins with Anna (Milla), a young teacher who has a boyfriend and two best friends. One of the nights she goes out with her girlfriends, she is witness to how a serial killer disposes of one of his victims, and she becomes the only person who has seen him. However, as she escapes from him, she gets a blow to the head and ends up in the hospital with face-blindness. Not only does she not recognize faces, but they keep changing all the time…

So, that’s basically the beginning of the story. The rest, of course, is what happens to her and her terror at the fact that anyone could be the killer, and he wants to get to her. Did I mention he has ALL her papers and IDs? Well, he does. Julian McMahon plays the detective who is in charge of capturing the killer.

Milla Jovovich does a stupendous job as Anna; she looks scared, terrified, and ever o so beautiful (having that face should be illegal!!). McMahon is also good as the detective, and the rest of the cast is also good. The special effects are very good too. The movie has its way to make you feel thrilled and at times scared.

Negatives? Mmmmmh… it shouldn’t be sold as a horror movie. It’s not. It’s one thing to be scared for poor Anna, and another thing to be SCARED. I have something else to say as a negative point, but I won’t, because it’s a spoiler.

In general, if you like psychological thrillers, you’ll enjoy this movie. Good performances and a good story. And you gotta respect Milla Jovovich; it’s not everyone who can make you believe both that she can dispose of zombies with here eyes closed and that she can’t defend herself against a dude with a simple shaving razor.

Well, that’s all!! See you later!!


2 thoughts on “On Faces in the Crowd…

  1. hello writer, i had bought the dvd of faces in the crowd movie. unfortunately, before i could finisht it, the dvd hanged and couldnt continue at the final part. i tried to search online for the ending and who the real killer is but couldnt find it. i ended up being in your page. i was wondering if you are kind enough to tell me who the killer is. my guess is Julian McMahon partner whom is also a detective is it ? (forgot the name). you can reply me through my mail at hagekg@hotmail.com for the reply and therefore you wont leave any spoilers behind for other viewers. thanks.

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