On an American Horror Story…

Finally!! Yesterday, the first episode of American Horror Story aired in Mexico. I was really looking forward to watching it… and it paid off! Some of the stars in the show are Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga (Vera’s younger sister).

In this episode, we learn some of the story of the Harmon Family. Vivien, the wife, had a miscarriage about a year ago, and some 6 or 7 months later, she discovers her husband as he is having intercourse with another woman. They move to a “new” house across the country to begin anew. BUT, the house where they move to has its own secrets…

In general, I have to say I liked the episode, very much so. However, some parts of it were openly weird. I suppose they will be explained sooner or later, though. And there’s sex. At times it feels unnecessary, I must add. But for the most part, the episode was interesting, intriguing and appealing.

The best parts I think had to do with Adelaide, a young woman with Down’s syndrome,  and her mother, played by a magnificent Jessica Lange. She is one creepy lady!! Another was the mystery sorrounding Moira, the housekeeper… very intersting. The scary parts were very effective too, although I’m expecting more of those in episodes to come…

Definitely, a great new show to watch… I recommend it to horror fans!


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