On new shows, old shows renewed and other stuff…

Ok, now that I got the scarf out of my system, I can talk about other things. For example, some new shows that I’m watching… of course I had already mentioned American Horror Story… by the way, LOVED the second episode. Creeeeepy. Now we are starting to get really interesting!! I insist: Jessica Lange is THE woman. She is so good!!

Another good show I’m watching is A Gifted Man… had I mentioned it? Anyways, it’s good. And even better now that Rachelle Lefevre has started appearing on it (I know, you friends who live in the US have seen her for ages, but here in Mexico, she has just appeared on two episodes… bear with me please!). Unforgettable is also good; it’s about this detective girl who has a medical condition in which she just can’r forget stuff. Scary, but useful!! Imagine not being able to forget?? ANYTHING?? Wow. In her case, what haunts her the most is the death of her older sister, and not having found (yet) who murdered her.

I’m still following The X Factor, and I still like it very much. There’s talent, and lots of it!

Now, for the old shows, renewed… There’s Law & Order: SVU. It’s still good, but the absence of Christopher Meloni is ever present. The guy gave a certain feeling to the show that no one else can… maybe it’s the suffering inside, the not knowing when he’s going to snap… but whatever it is, it’s not there anymore. I really hope the new guys inject some new good energy to the show… or either they will have to beg Meloni to come back, or the show will go down.

Another show renewed is CSI. Love Ted Danson!! The show was ok with Lawrence Fishburne, but Ted Danson feels much better. He has that Grissom-like weirdness, mixed with a humanity and wisdom that you can almost touch. Plus, the guy looks great!! It’s really cool to see how the old kids see the new kid arrive, and just have to accept that he IS the boss, and deserves to be. Let me tell you, I had already stopped watching CSI. Not altogether; it was an “if I can, I’ll watch” thing. Now, I won’t miss it.

House!! I love the new cast, and I hope (bear with me, first episodes here) some of the old cast will reappear. But it looks very interesting… that House dude still has it! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching how he’ll do anything to get his department reinstated after his “episode” in jail. Let’s see how it continues.

Well…. I think that’s pretty much it. I’m looking forward to watching Deathly Hallows 2 this weekend!! YAY!!

See you soon!


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