On some movies I’m supposed to be embarrassed to like…

But I LOVE them!! I know that these movies have an audience, but let’s just say they are not liked by the majority of the people…. my taste in movies go from the mainstream ones to the more “obscure” films… and I also enjoy the occassional crazy movies.

Let’s get down to it…

1. Zoolander. I find this movie hilarious. The looks, the sillyness… I mean, what can be more disturbed –and disturbing– than a gang of dudes singing “Wake me up before you go go” while they use hoses of gasoline as if it was water? But I absolutely love it.

2. Mystery Men. A bunch of super heroes with no super powers whatsoever… I mean, getting really angry? Is that your power? Hahaha. But for some reason, I find this movie very attractive.

3. Tropic Thunder. I’m starting to see a pattern here… Ben Stiller. I love when an actor has no problem at laughing at himself. Anyways, Tropic Thunder. This movie is one of my Ben Stiller favorites… plus, it’s got Jack Black!! Love the guy! And Robert Downey Jr… wow. An American actor who plays an Australian actor who portrays a black man, and he does it flawlessly… simply great. Acid, sarcastic humor… Love the movie.

4. Van Helsing. Again!! Hahaha… I know fully well that this is not a movie about vampires and werewolves in the strictest form of the concepts, but I enjoy it very much. Great special effects, great acting, and of course… Hugh Jackman!!

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Talking about Mr. Jackman. I know, I know many people say it totally stinks, but I like it. It makes sense to me… I like the back story, and the acting was decent. Plus… did I mention Hugh Jackman?

6. The Pacifier. Vin Diesel acting as a nanny, while he directs The sound of Music. And don’t forget the Peter Panda dance!! What’s not to like? I like it, and I don’t care what anybody says.

I think that’s it for now… Seriously, I don’t remember anything else at the moment. Please, feel free to agree with me or tell me I’m nuts. I love to hear from you! I’ll be back soon, hopefully!! See you soon!


10 thoughts on “On some movies I’m supposed to be embarrassed to like…

  1. I’ve seen all of them apart from “the pacifier” And IMO Tropic Thunder is the best of a very bad bunch there.

    Van Helsing was just awful; the corny one liners, terrible special effects; wooden acting.

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