On a few movies I cry like a baby to…

And, of course, I’m not embarrassed to say so. Really, I cry a lot with TV and movie stuff, some commercial ads included. But there are not many movies I weep to. There are only a few, and here they are… (few spoilers included)

1. Somewhere in time. I don’t know, there’s just something about this movie. When I watched it for the second time, I think, I was alone, and I’m not a bit embarrassed to say I cried for about 15 minutes after the end of the movie. I was just sooooooo sad… In case you haven’t seen it (shame!!), I won’t say why.

2. The Notebook. I’m a helpless romantic, therefore, I cry when I see The Notebook. That movie is so sweet!! And I don’t cry because I’m sad, no! I cry because it’s a happy ending, all in all. And it makes me want to cry.

3. Wall-E. WHAT? Why cry about a robot? I don’t know. It’s just he is so sweet, so ready to do the right thing and sacrifice himself for the one he loves… but the “funny” part is that I cried when the movie ended, during the credits. It’s so heart warming to see man and robot rebuilding everything from scratch… It was a beautiful moment.

4. The Return of the King. “My friends… You bow to no one!” That phrase and the moment that follows… wow. Grand.

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There are a few moments that make me cry A LOT during these two films. Some of them are a bit obvious, like Hermione Obliviating her parents (soooo sad!!), Dobby dying, and of course, the BEAUTIFUL Prince’s Tale. But I cried a lot more when Harry arrives in the Room of Requirement and when Professor McGonagall lights the torches after Snape leaves (Snape-shaped hole in the window included)… I blame John Williams’s music for it. I just wasn’t expecting it!! They are moments –especially the RoR one– full of hope, energy and closure, too. That’s why I also cried at the end of the Epilogue. A lot. I know, “it’s just a story”. But those who, like me, love the story of Harry Potter, all that it represents, and everything it makes each one of us feel inside… trust me, it’s NOT just a story.

6. The Passion of the Christ. It’s just so sad… at least for me, this movie makes the suffering of Christ so real. And the scene when Mary remembers how she used to go to him when he fell as a little boy… I get teary eyed just remembering that. That just wrinkles a mother’s heart.

Now, a quick note on two movies everybody weeped when watching, and I didn’t.

One was Titanic. I only cried a bit when Rose dies and arrives at Titanic again. But not because she was with Jack again, but because I thought of all the people who died because of the arrogance of a few. That made me sad.

The other one is La vita è bella (Life is beautiful). With that one, I didn’t cry at all. I remember looking at everyone around me in the movie theater, crying so much at the end, and me being puzzled. True, it’s sad that the father had to die, BUT, he died doing exactly what he fought to do all the movie: saving his son’s life. That is good!! Plus, I have to admit that I was never able to bond with Roberto Benigni’s character.

So, I guess that’s pretty much it… I just thought of a new topic for a post, but since I like suspense, I won’t tell yet… Feel free to comment, please!!

See you soon!


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