Why, oh, why? On some unfair Oscar losers…

Here I am, and this is the topic that I thought of yesterday. It’s really infuriating whenever your favorite actor/actress/movie (etc) doesn’t win an Oscar. But there are other times in which you just go… WHAAAAAAT??? These are three of those occasions, the ones I most vividly remember.

One of them was when the great Pulp Fiction lost to Forrest Gump. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Gump and his movie. It was great. I loved Tom Hanks’s performance, the special effects (awesome), Sally Field, the box of chocolates, etc. BUT Pulp Fiction, I think, is a better movie. Absolutely original, with brilliant performances, some of the best dialogues I’ve heard in movies, at times shocking, at times hilarious… shall I say more? “I think I shot Marvin in the face”??? DUDE!!! But I digress. Of course, the Academy gave the award to Forrest Gump… the Academy always goes for the inspirational story. But I truly felt it was unfair, as much as I liked Gump.

Another time was when L.A. Confidential lost to Titanic. That was such a shame… Great story… I remember very clearly that L.A. was nominated for many things Titanic was, but it lost every time… or almost, I don’t remember that well. From my very personal point of view, Titanic was a spectacular movie, with good acting and great special effects. But that was pretty much it. The story is very much a cliché. Rich girl falls for poor boy-poor boy dies. L.A. Confidential, while being much less spectacular, was much more interesting. Ah, but one thing I still remember fondly about that ceremony was Kate Winslet’s face when she didn’t win the Best Actress award. Priceless. It’s good she has become a MUCH better actress since then.

And the one that really made me angry (it still does) was when Edward Norton lost the Best Actor award (for American History X) to Roberto Benigni (for La vita e bella). Edward Norton is a great actor who makes you believe him every time you see him in a movie. In American History X he did a BRILLIANT job. He was confused, he was horrible, he was sorry… and he was believable. Roberto Benigni is… well, he is Roberto Benigni, EVERY TIME. The guy basically plays himself. Life is Beautiful is a good movie, with a good story and a good message… but please, Benigni was not better than Edward Norton!! And then, when he got up to receive his award, and he started walking on the back of the seats… I absolutely loathed him. Once more, proof that the Academy will go for the nice, inspirational story.


I think in recent years the Academy has started to open up to other types of movies, not only the “pretty” ones. But it still has a long way to go. I mean, basically, if the main actor’s/actress’s character suffers from some kind of mental or physical disability, who will win is a no brainer. It’s true that many times those are the best performances, but not always. A good actor will make you know how he is feeling with one look (Alan Rickman, I’m talking to you…). And good movies make you feel something… even if it’s anger, disappointment or even revulsion.

Ok, that was the rant of the day. Do you agree? Do you not? Feel free to tell!!

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “Why, oh, why? On some unfair Oscar losers…

  1. Totally agreeing with you in every instance. I would add ‘Shakespeare in Love’ beating ‘Saving Private Ryan’ for Best Pic, a particularly baffling choice because Señor Spielbergo DID win Best Director for his admittedly much superior film, one that stood the test of time much better than ‘Shakespeare…’ did. Add to it the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow won Best Actress in a Leading Role over Cate Blanchett in ‘Elizabeth’ and you’ll realize why the Academy had to curb the over-the-top lobbying made by Miramax and the Weinstein bros during award season.

    But here’s one that made me scream obscenities at the screen when it happened: Julia Roberts winning Best Actress for ‘Erin Brockovich’ over FOUR infinitely more deserving performances. I remember that the snippets showcasing Laura Linney, Juliette Binoche, the superb Joan Allen and a mesmerizing Ellen Burstyn (Requiem for a Dream) were more captivating in their 15 seconds of broadcast time than Roberts’ entire performance… and yet she won one of the most undeserved Oscars of all time. It still makes me mad to recall that night. And her acceptance speech… ugh… don’t get me started.

    • Toño, my hat goes off to you and your incredible memory. And I agree!! Especially the Gwyneth Paltrow thing… I really never got why she won the Best Actress award. “Shakespeare”, while being cute and very romantic, kind of bland for my taste. “Saving Private Ryan” was much, much better. I do have to say, though, that at the end, when old man Ryan says to his wife, “tell me I am a good man”, I really felt like strangling him. I don’t know, I never got over the fact that men died to save him and he just wouldn’t go with them. Idiot. Besides from that, that movie is epic.
      Thanks for stopping by, my friend!! I liked your Breaking Dawn review so much, that I can’t wait to watch it!

  2. Ah yes, why Tom Hanks won over Liam Neeson in ‘Schindler’s List’ , I will never understand. Why does Tom Hanks have two? Sure he was good, but he wasn’t better than Liam Neeson that year. Why has Gary Oldman never won an Oscar? Why has Alan Rickman never won?
    Why does Halle Berry have an Oscar? Why does Meryl Streep only have 2? She’s better than everyone every time and yet, she only has two. Laura Linney, Joan Allen…where are their awards?
    And I agree with you about Edward Norton. Why has he never won?
    The Oscars have become a popularity contest rather than a performance award.

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