On some movies I’m “supposed” to love, but can’t stand…

Yep, there’s also this scenario. They are not many, indeed… the ones I can remember right now are actually only two. By the way, no pics for these ones.

1. Requiem for a Dream. I know, I’m horrible. I know this movie is good, but I just can’t stand it. TOO depressing. And it should be, seeing as it’s a requiem for the dreams of the different parties involved… In any case, Ellen Burstyn deserves a special mention for her outstanding performance. Whenever I see her somewhere else, I remember that. However, the movie itself is something I would never watch again if I can avoid it.

2. Trainspotting. Ugh. Another movie I understand is good, but I just hate. Ever since the baby scene, I hated the movie. Great performances; you believe everything that happens… but that’s precisely my problem. I hate what happens. Another movie I won’t be watching again.

Please understand when you read this: I’m NOT saying the mvies are bad. Actually, I firmly believe that any movie that can move you inside, either if you love it or you hate it, is a good movie. Bad movies leave you nothing, and are just mediocre. I just don’t like these two movies.

Please, feel free to tell me how crazy I am… in the meantime, see you soon!


2 thoughts on “On some movies I’m “supposed” to love, but can’t stand…

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