On the truth about Santa…

Yep. Today was the day. Today we told our 10yo that Santa is, in fact, us.

Everything started because he told me (once more) that his classmates at school told him that Santa didn’t exist. Of course, my husband and I exchanged looks and I said “poor kid, blah blah…”. But later, we decided that it was time to tell him. After all, he’s 10 years old, and he’s a big boy, going to junior high not too long from now. So we took him aside and told him that we, the parents, had the job to give toys to our kids in St. Nicholas name, and all. We said that we told him because we don’t want him to be laughed at at school… He was a bid sad, but he took it rather well. Of course we told him he is to say nothing to his brother, who can believe for a few years more, nor to his baby brother, when his time comes. Later he asked me about the Three Wise Men (who traditionally bring Mexican kids toys on January 6th), and I told him it’s us too, as well as the “Ratón Pérez” (the Tooth Fairy). Wow, a day of revelations.

I’m really happy because he took it very well… It was just a matter of time, really. Plus, we really don’t want him to be laughed at by other classmates.

How do I feel? Funny. My boy is growing up; he no longer believes in Santa. But he sure is a good, sweet boy. I’m proud of his ability to be both highly logical and have imagination… Children need imagination nowadays.

Well, after this day of discovery, see you soon! Handmade stuff pics coming soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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