Fright Night!!!!

Ooooooooooooh yeah!! I finally saw it… and I LOVED it!!!

First of all, I have to make clear that I am a complete fan of the original Fright Night, where I fell irrevocably in love with Chris Sarandon. I watched it I don’t know how many times, and every time it was great. Of course I haven’t seen it for quite a while now… and I am kind of glad, you know? It’s so awesome in my head, but I clearly remember it, and I know that if I saw it again, I’d probably laugh and wonder how it was that I loved it so much. I mean, the effects… the acting of the “kids” (Amy’s hair, pleaaaase!!)… Let’s just say it doesn’t hold up. However, I still love it. That’s a decision. It was an extremely cool movie in its time: the sexy vampire, the “vampire slayer”, the feeling that you were safe nowhere.

Then, I heard there would be a remake, and I was both excited and scared. We all know how some remakes suck, right? But I decided to give them a chance, specially since Colin Farrel would be Jerry.

And then I saw it!! WOW!! I absolutely loved it!! I think what I loved most is that they didn’t try to make a “remake” per se, but more of a reinterpretation. It’s pretty much the same story, but really cool and modern. The evolution of the movie makes it more believable; first Charlie (Anton Yelchin) is sceptical, but then reality hits him hard and has to accept the truth: his neighbor is a vampire. More of the movie is spent with people knowing the danger they’re in… and it’s exciting!!

The acting is VERY good. Everyone was great. Special mention to David Tennant (Peter Vincent, Barty Crouch Jr. to my Harry Potter loving friends). His performance was flawless and funny. Colin Farrel was his usual sexy self, but evil and irresistible. Anton Yelchin was likeable and believable… and McLovin’!! I loved him!! And the cameo showing Chris Sarandon was priceless… Everyone was great.

Another thing I liked was that it was unmistakeably a horror movie, but it had funny moments as well. It had that “Sam Raimi” feel to it (I know he’s not the director, ok?); funny but really scary. And the special effects were phenomenal!!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I absolutely loved this movie, and I totally recommend it. However, if you don’t like any comedy in a movie, you may not like it.

That’s that for now!! I’ll come back soon!!


Please let me know what you think!!

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