Back… (with a rant)

Wow. I’ve been away for a while, haven’t I… I’ve just been crazy busy. I’m knitting a scarf for my husband (pics when it’s finished –I can’t wait), and I’ve been doing many things. Or maybe it’s just that I wish the days were longer… I can never finish whatever it is I want to do. Just as an example, I’ve been dying to watch The Lord of the Rings, and I just haven’t gotten around to it. Since nobody really wants to watch it as much as I, I keep putting it off. I’ll make a conscious effort not to do so any longer.

I have also been trying to be neater, tidier. I don’t know if I’m getting there, but I’m doing my best.

Another thing I’m trying is to be more in touch with all things God. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m a catholic, and I’m making my best effort to practice my faith more and better. Thanks to my kids’ cathecism, I’m learning things I thought I knew. And I like it! I’m just trying to make improvements in myself… and asking my Father to help me, of course.

I’m also cooking more… I’m using my oven more frequently. Or maybe that’s just because of the cold weather; you feel like eating warmer things.

One thing I haven’t been doing, unfortunately, is watching movies. Today I watched X-Men: Fist Class (LOVE! I’m talking to you, Michael Fassbender), but that’s pretty much it… I’ll definitely try to watch a movie tomorrow, at the very least.

By the way, one thing I did want to talk about, although I didn’t think I would use a complete post about it, is my disappointment about Tintin winning best animated feature in the Golden Globe Awards. Before you want to strangle me, I want to be clear: I’m sure it’s an amazing movie. I just don’t think it belongs in the same category as 100% animated films. Tintin used motion capture technology; therefore, the characters are not animated from scratch. There’s an actor there. So, how can you compare it to Rango? Or even Cars 2? (Kung Fu Panda 2 not nominated. The shame.) There is just no comparison. I truly think there should be a new category in which motion capture is acknowledged. Because Rise of the Planet of the Apes could have been there… it’s almost as if they’re saying if the actor is wearing a funny suit with lights, he’s not really acting . Simply stupid. There, that was my rant.

Anyways, that is what my life has been lately. Oh!! I saw an ad directed to the people in Wellington, New Zealand, about casting for The Hobbit. I looked at the requirements out of curiosity just to see if I fit any, because obviously I’m not in NZ, right? Wow. I didn’t meet ANY of the requirements. I guess I’m just kinda boring.

I hope to come back pretty soon, maybe with a movie to discuss!! See you soon!!


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