On The Woman in Black…

I know I took ages, but here I am. I had to travel and then I was very busy… but I took advantage of my trip and watched “The Woman in Black“. I’m very happy to say it surpassed my expectations.


Daniel Radcliffe is Arthur Kipp, a young man who has a 4-year-old and lost his wife in childbirth, which depresses him… and his son notices. Kipp is in danger of losing his job and has to travel to sort out the paperwork of a recently deceased widow if he wants to keep it. But when he gets to the little town, the townspeople tell him to go back and not even think about going to this place. Being a city person, he doesn’t believe them and goes where he was told to go… only to realize why they told him not to go there.

This is the newest of the Hammer pictures, and I’m relieved to see that it’s a lot better than some things I’ve seen from that production house. The cinematography is excellent, oppressive. The performances are flawless. Special mention goes to Daniel Radcliffe, because not a hint of Harry Potter can be seen here. He is truly a good actor, and now nobody can deny it. Ciarán Hinds is also very good, as is the rest of the cast.

One thing I loved is that this is the kind of movie that will scare you no matter how many times you watch it, or if you have or haven’t seen the trailer. The scenes are built in such a clever way, that you will get scared, period. The end is beautiful too.

I f you haven’t seen The Woman in Black, I really encourage you to. You won’t be disappointed. And now, I want to watch the play again… I hope I can!!

With this I say until next time… feel free t comment!! See you soon!


3 thoughts on “On The Woman in Black…

  1. I completely agree! I thought Daniel left no doubt that he’s more than just Harry Potter. He was SO good. I really believed in his character. It was nice to see Ciaran Hinds working with him again too…and I must say he has a great voice.
    The whole story was so well done, the house was so oppressive..and so beautiful at the same time…there were some really good jumps. Actually, a guy a few seats down from me dropped his drink on one of the jumps 😉

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