Finally, Breaking Dawn!!

Yep, I finally saw Breaking Dawn. Sorry to all the Twilight haters out there; I loved it. It was not a masterpiece, but I really liked it!

In this prior-to-last installment, we see Bella and Edward’s wedding, their honeymoon, her pregnancy and the birth of Renesmee. And here is what I think:

The wedding was really beautiful. Bella’s dress was made by Carolina Herrera (special features!!); it was beauuuuuuutiful!! Edward cut his hair and looked very, very good. I thought the wedding scene was very natural and pretty. We also get to see the first glimpse of many vampires we will see on the second part; I especially liked Eleazar and Carmen. Moving on. The honeymoon was pretty much what I had pictured, although I had imagined much more beautiful scenery. However, it was as pretty as possible. Plus, the cinematography was made by Guillermo Navarro (yay!), which gives it a plus. The pregnancy period was remarkably good, especially in the visual effects department. They make Kristen Stewart look really worn out, without her looking unrealistic. Great, great job. The birth was much less bloody than expected, but I suppose they want to keep their rating, right?

Ok, positive aspects: Performances. They were good, and I don’t care what haters think. Kristen Stewart was especially good; all the people who say she can’t act must know that she can, it’s just Bella is extremely contained. All the work to make you believe she’s thin, and hugely pregnant, everything was flawless. Loved Billy Burke, as usual. This movie has the special plus of making me not hate Jacob Black… I actually liked the imprinting scene. I really liked it.

Negatives: Carlisle’s hair. I mean, if in the first movie it looked so great, why do they keep giving papa Cullen less and less good looking hair with every movie??? Anyway, I hope I see more of Carlisle in the next film. Another negative: the wolves telepathically speaking. I think they should have used the normal actors’ voices, not distorted.  The music was mostly good; I enjoyed the parts that were taken from the first film. But there  were other parts when I just hated the music and I thought it just killed the moment.

So, I do recommend Breaking Dawn. I’m now really looking forward th the second part!!! Oh, do take a look at the special features; the documentary is VERY interesting.

See you (very) soon!!


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