On The Help…

Ah, I had a chance and I saw this movie, but I had forgotten to mention it. anyways, I liked it very much. It’s a compelling story, not completely drama, not all laughter. I think it had a fair share of both, and a huge amount of disbelief.

Ok, The Help is basically about the life that the people –especially the women– so called “the help” had in the southern United States some decades ago. These women basically ran the house and, more importantly, raised the white women’s kids… but they were far from getting the thanks they deserved.

I think it’s a compelling story because it’s deeply human. It has a wide range of emotions going on. It had drama; it’s really dramatic to see how these ladies were horribly mistreated by the women who owed them much more than the few dollars they paid them. It also had its funny moments (especially with Octavia Spencer), but they never got you out of the movie. The disbelief part… it’s really incredible, at least to me, that there was such a HUGE level of ignorance in those years. So, black people carry diseases, so they can’t go to the bathroom in the same places as white people go… but they let them carry their kids around?? How convenient, and most of all, how unbelievably stupid.

But this is a movie review, not some kind of civil right talk. Back to the movie: I think I only have positive comments to make. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were superb, and now I see why Ms. Spencer won her Oscar. Very deserved. Emma Stone was great, as usual. Jessican Chastain (Celia) was ADORABLE. I was especially surprised at how much I enjoyed Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance, since I didn’t think she was so good an actress (she was a horrible Victoria in Eclipse… or maybe I just liked Rachelle Lefevre too much). She was a truly ugly and mean person!! Great performance. In general, the acting was seriously good, well balanced. I also liked that it’s not too dramatic; I cry easily, and I didn’t really cry here. I did get angry, and a lot, but I didn’t cry.

Maybe one of the most important points about The Help is that it makes us think. True, the situation is not what it used to be, but there’s still discrimination, and a lot. The biggest difference is that now there’s discrimination against all the minorities, even if it’s not openly accepted. True, it doesn’t happen everywhere, but it still exists. Maybe one day all of us will understand that below the skin everyone is the same: flesh and blood. Nobody has the right to mistreat and/or disrespect someone else because of whatever the reason: skin color, social status, sex… you name it.

I think I could say more, but I won’t… I don’t want to get into a rant. Watch this movie, think about it and learn the lesson…

I’ll be back!! See you later!!


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