Mahna mahna!!!

Hahaha…. yes, I saw The Muppets. And I LOVED it. The movie does have a few issues, but it’s lovely and heartwarming, and that’s the point of watching a muppet movie, right?

This movie is basically about two guys: Gary (Jason Segel) and Walter (voice by Peter Linz). Only one of them is a muppet. Not officially, but he is. Gary has a girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams). Gary and Walter are inseparable, and that is ok…. until Gary’s attachment to Walter, alongside whom he has grown up, gets in the way of Gary’s life.

Gary, Mary and Walter find out that Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), who claims he’ll transform the original muppet theater into a Muppet Museum, will destroy the theater and drill for oil. So, they set up to reunite all the original muppets and save the theater. That’s basically the plot… will they save the theater? That’s the question… the journey to answer that question is LOTS of fun.

Ok, positive aspects: the movie is very heartwarming. Amy Adams is adorable, as usual, and Walter is really cute. Jason Segel is ok; at the beginning I thought he seemed a bit awkward, but at the end of the movie I was pleased with his performance. Getting to see all the muppets I grew up with was absolutely AWESOME. I loved Animal!!! And speaking of Animal, I liked the inclusion of Jack Black, although I think they could have taken better advantage of him. Most of the musical scenes were pretty good; I especially liked “Man or Muppet“, which won an Academy Award as best song, by the way. There were many, many delightful jokes. And the moment when the telethon begins and you hear the Muppet song… well, I just wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I was so excited and happy!! There are also many cameos you’ll like… one of them is Neal Patrick Harris; I would have liked to see him longer in the movie!!

Not so positive aspects… well, there are a few musical parts that have no reason to be, really… but they were very few, and good. There are also jokes and moments that you can’t get unless you are a muppet fan and have seen many of their shows. That’s also part of the charm, but new viewers (such as my kids) might find that a bit confusing.

One thing that I thought was fantastic was that the movie does NOT take itself seriously, just as it should be. It’s a self-parody to a certain extent. And, I love good parodies. The two old guys help do that; they are just so funny and terrible!! They will always crack me up.

So, I do recommend this movie. It’s great fun for us old muppet fans, and it’s a great way to introduce new generations to the muppets, because of course, after watching the movie, you have to look for some videos on YouTube, right?

Did you like the movie? Have you seen it? Feel free to comment!! Oh, and one more thing… MAHNA MAHNA!!!



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