On MyHogwarts…

Ha!! MyHogwarts has started the beta period, and of course I am a beta tester, just like with Pottermore. But for those who don’t know, let me tell you: they’re NOTHING similar.

Pottermore is an interactive site that allows you to, basically, have access to all the new info provided by J.K. Rowling. Besides, you can get sorted into your House (Go Ravenclaw!!), get your wand, brew potions (when it’s possible), duel with classmates, etc. Plus, it has beautiful art. Disadvantages? It’s virtually impossible to have a decent chat or conversation, there are still lots of glitches (especially regarding potions), and you can’t really get to know people due to all the code names and stuff. Incidentally, Pottermore is supposed to open registrations to the public in April. Let’s hope so.

MyHogwarts is, basically, a Harry Potter fans social network. It’s made by fans for fans. It’s basically a social network to find and get to know people who, like you, are obsessed with the Harry Potter universe, and who probably like other things you happen to like. For the time being, we can only get to know people, chat, listen to Wrock (wizard rock), and participate in “prod wars”… oh, and read the statements that the staff posts, which are sometimes very funny and others challenging. In the (hopefully) near future, we’ll be able to find people who like HP within our cities, listen to our very own choir, go to the library… but what I’m personally looking forward to the most is… CLASSES!!! Yes, we’ll be studying (or teaching) the same subjects that a first year would study at Hogwarts. That includes, of course, tests, reading, studying, etc. I am very excited about it and also very curious… I know what some of you may think, “What?? why study something that doesn’t even exist??” I know. I’m just very geeky that way, and it’s a cool way to have fun (I’m sure if some Star Wars fans had the chance to virtually attend a class for Jedi padawans, they would). Besides, have you noticed I’m just a biiiiiiiit obsessive?

So, this is, in a few words, what MyHogwarts is. I’m particularly very happy to find many friends that I had already made from Pottermore (and later Facebook); it makes you feel at home. Oh, in case you missed the link above, it’s this: http://www.myhogwarts.co.uk. It’ll be open to the public in June.

Well, that was my Geeky Post of the Day. I’ll be back soon!!


4 thoughts on “On MyHogwarts…

  1. I missed the train to the MyHogwarts beta. Looking forward to it opening in June though!

    In regards to Pottermore they are supposed to be implementing a huge update and opening to the public in a couple weeks. Hopefully they will be running better after the update.

    • Hopefully!!! BEcause if they go on as they are right now, they’re going to be loaded with complaints from people who can’t brew and/or duel correctly… I’ll let you know when important developments appear at MH!! Thanks for the comment!!

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