Pottermore is open!!

Yes, and I am (along with many friends) divided. On the one hand, we couldn’t wait for it to open to the public, because the Beta period had extended forever. But on the other hand… as a good friend said, it feels like moving away from friends.

I like the fact that we get to mentor new people, show them the ropes… and of course, new books can actually open faster like this. But… I don’t know. “There’s a grief that can’t be spoken…” Well, not so bad, but it does feel like they’re tearing something inside of us.

But I’m happy!! Because during the Beta period I got to meet some incredible people whom I’ve gotten to regard as friends. True friends. Most of them are much younger than me, and they are delightful people. If you read this guys, be sure of this: I love you all. And I know we’ll go on being friends, and we’ll gain new ones as well. But once a Beta, forever a Beta.

Welcome new Pottermore people, welcome all!!!

See you soon!


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