On a TV funeral that made me cry like a baby…

This past Wednesday the episode of Desperate Housewives regarding Mike Delfino’s funeral was aired in Mexico. I’m sure this comes as old news to many of you, but please, bear with me.

Ok, the episode starts with all of Susan’s friends being angry about something, only to hear a gunshot. They run towards the noise and discover Susan cradling a dying Mike in her arms. From there, we see Susan pick a coffin, a tombstone, a suit for Mike… and of course, she is devastated. We see memories of Lynette, Bree and Gabby concerning their husbands and also Mike. We hear Susan say something during the wake, and se wee the coffin be buried. And of course, the episode ends with all the friends together.

That’s pretty much what I expected, but oh… I cried, I did. First of all, dude, I cry with commercials. And second and most important, Mike Delfino was easily my favorite character in the series. Simple, loving, centered, solid, and oh, so handsome. But of course, that can’t be all.

I’m no strangert to the death of people I love. Almost 12 years ago my mother passed away. Almost 2 years ago, my father and one of my brothers did too. I understand the feelings. The hopelessness, the denial, the pain. I have always thought that the wake of a loved one is one of the most surreal things ever. You feel sad, but at times you get out of your own experience; you forget a little… and then, it all comes back to you. And you cry, and you can’t believe it. It goes on in cycles for as long as you’re there. Then comes the cremation or burial, and right there it hits you: you will never see him or her again on this planet. And it hurts so deeply…

Then, you go on to live life. You eat, you study, you work. And when you think “I’ll call mom now…”, you remember. She’s gone. It’s the little details that make you realize that this person you loved so much is not coming back. Those are the worst moments, not the wake of the funeral. And they did a very good job depicting this in the show: when Susan says that she doesn’t know where the thingy that Mike used to check the pressure of the tires is, that Mike won’t be there to train MJ for baseball, that she has to cancell his cell phone service. It’s the little details, like I said.

Of course, she says something else. She says that she knows life will never be ok again, ever. Thank God, that’s the part where she’s wrong. Life goes on, and God gives us all we need to stand up, clean our injuries, and go on. True, you will be sad for a long time, but it’s also a fact that time itself will help you heal. Little by little, you will start to remember your loved one with fondness, not with pain.

If I can end with a reflection/message/you name it, this is it: The ones we love never leave us; they stay inside our hearts, always close to us.

I’d love to read your comments on this… in the meantime, see you soon!


2 thoughts on “On a TV funeral that made me cry like a baby…

  1. Pues vaya!! no sabia que se moria!!! aqui todavia no lo pasan. Pero es verdad lo que dices, que nunca nos dejan las personas que se han ido y que hemos querido, siempre estan presentes de una u otro forma 🙂

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