On the new Les Misérables trailer!!

Wow, I didn’t know what to exzpect, but after watching the trailer I’m very, VERY excited!!

I really can’t wait until December!! What about you, do you want to watch it? What do you think?

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On the new Les Misérables trailer!!

  1. As we’ve discussed before, I believe, I love me some Russell. He is one of the few actors who can get me into a theatre. Don’t like the rest of the cast, but I will pay to see Russell 😉

    • Hehe… I like him too, but I’ll have to hear him sing the part before I’m convinced. Javert is a very strong and powerful character with very powerful songs… as for the rest of the main cast, all of them are awesome… Can’t wait!! ~giddyness~

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