On The Iron Lady…

Ok, so I’ve finally watched The Iron Lady. I wanted to see it before, but for one thing or another I hadn’t been able to. The first thing I want to say about it is this: Meryl Streep deserved every gram of that Oscar she got. Really.

The Iron Lady deals with the life of former Prime Minister to Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher. It’s through her memories that we witness her life, from being the daughter of a store owner to being the British Prime Minister and beyond.

Even though the movie moves forward using lots of flashbacks, I found it easy to follow. If you like movies with lots of action and drama, this is not the movie for you. It does have drama, but it’s a very serene movie at the same time. The performances are phenomenal, really. Alexandra Roach plays a young Margaret Thatcher, and she gives the character femininity and strength. I liked her a lot. Margaret’s father is played by Iain Glen, aka Ser Jorah Mormont for the Game of Thrones followers. Margaret’s husband is played by Harry Lloyd (aka Viserys Targaryen… so different!!!) as a young man, and by Jim Broadbent when he’s older. All the cast was amazing, really. They make the movie what it is.

Special mention goes to the make-up of the movie. All the Meryl Streep we see is full of make-up, as a younger, middle-aged and older Margaret Thatcher. However, it never looks overdone or artificial. She always looks natural. Add to that her chamaleonic performance, and you have the Iron Lady herself.

I liked this movie very much. I enjoyed it, and I think it conveyed the humanity in the lady we always saw strong as a rock.

I hope to come back soon with another review… See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On The Iron Lady…

  1. I wished that the story had been as strong as the acting. I agree with you, all of the performances were superb, but I felt the storyline dragged and really didn’t give much of a feel for what she was like as Prime Minister.

    • Yes, I think you’re right. It was pretty superficial. They gave a very general idea, but that was it… however, I think that was not the point of the movie. It’s more reminiscent than descriptive, I guess.

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