On a movie challenge…

Some time ago, maybe a year, I took a challenge on facebook known as the 30 day movie challenge. It was ok, but I doubt anyone actually paid attention to what movies I chose there. I wrote to the administrators of the page to see if they had a problem with me putting the challenge on my blog, and seeing as they haven’t answered, I decided to go ahead. Only it will be a 60 day movie challenge, because there’s a second part already.

Day 1: Favorite film.

My favorite film of all time is, of course, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I think it’s the most powerful of the three movies, the most exciting and the most moving as well. One of my favorite parts is where Aragorn tells the Hobbits “My friends, you bow to no one”. It aaaaaaaalways gets me.

Anyways, this is my favorite film. What about yours? I hope you staick with me throughthe next 60 movies!! I can’t assure you none will be repeated, but It will be fun.

See you soon!


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