On my least favorite film.

There always has to be one of those, right? SO, let’s get to it…

Day 2: Least Favorite Film.

This is a hard one. I’ve seen many movies I have not liked, but I think the prize will go to Trainspotting. I know many people out there will say “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???? IT’S A MASTERPIECE!!!”… I won’t deny it’s a good movie, because I think good movies make you feel something. Maybe you’ll love them ore hate them, but you’ll feel something. The really bad movies are those which don’t move you at all.

I saw this movie a long time ago, and in truth, all I can remember is that it made me depressed and disgusted. The acting was very good, but the movie itself… I found it repulsive. Sorry, Trainspotting fans out there… I’m just being honest. The scene that I hated the most was, of course, the baby scene.

Well, that’s my least favorite film. what’s yours? Do you think I’m right, or absolutely crazy? Feel free to share.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On my least favorite film.

  1. Least favourite – Tropic Thunder. I’m ashamed to admit I watched it. My love for Robert Downey Jr took a serious hit after this movie. Generally anything with Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller…well, let’s just say I won’t ever watch another.

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