On my favorite comedy…

Ok, it’s time to talk about comedies, yay!!! I imagine I may have already talked about my favorite comedies, and if I have, bear with me… it might be different now. 

Day 3: Favorite comedy.

Maybe this category should be divided into comedies and parodies, but since it’s not… Meet the Spartans! I know many of you won’t like it, it’s too silly or just bad. But it seriously cracks me up. I love good parodies, and I’m guessing if I watched Airplane again, it might just beat this one… but since I haven’t seen it for a while, my money is on MTS. He he.

What about you? What’s your favorite comedy? Do share!!

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On my favorite comedy…

  1. My favourite comedies are Mel Brooks productions. History of the World, Spaceballs. I’m sorry, I can’t have just one of those-

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