On my favorite horror film…

Ha! The time has come to discuss the horror movie I like the most. If you know me well, you’ll already know which one it is. If not, you’re about to find out.

Day 6: Favorite Horror film.

And it is, of course, Dead Silence!

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw!!

This is not the creepiest movie I have ever seen (I have seen The Exorcist and a number of movies that may or may not include mannequins and wax figures), but it’s definitely my favorite. It has everything: ghosts, an evil woman, puppets, a small town, creepy music (see video below), special effects you don’t realize that are there, a very clever twist… well, I can’t think of anything it doesn’t have. It’s solid, scary, and it has nudges to Saw, a favorite franchise of mine. I suppose what I like the most is that it IS a horror movie, and it takes the genre seriously. Wee need more respectable horror movies. It’s a good thing that TV series are starting to make more horror shows.

This is the kind of movie that I can see hundreds of times and I don’t get tired. I only wish I didn’t remember the plot, because then I could get surprised all over again. If you don’t mind horror films, or you are a horror movie lover like me, I seriously recommend you watch Dead Silence –that is, of course, if you haven’t seen it already.

What about your favorite horror film? Feel free to tell!!

See you soon!


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