On my favorite foreign film.

First of all, thanks to Banana Scoop for featuring me in his reblog of the week. I’m honored!

Ok, foreign films are supposed to be the ones that are spoken in another language, right? Since I mainly write in English, let’s say that I consider foreign films the ones not spoken in English (even though my mother tongue is Spanish).  Once we cleared that out, let’s get down to business.

Day 10: Favorite foreign film.

I’ll give the honor to El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth). I was seriously thinking of Amores Perros, but naaah… The Labyrinth is closer to the kind of movies I like.

This movie was directed by my countryman Guillermo del Toro, who is one of my favorite directors. It’s a movie full of drama, fantasy, even brutality… and also love and truth. Beautifully made, with great make-up and special effects, Pan’s Labyrinth is a strong movie, with strong characters. Ivana Baquero plays Ofelia, the star of the movie. Her evil and sadistic father is played by Sergi López. Ariadna Gil plays her mother, and the awesome Doug Jones plays Pan, and the pale man as well. Great acting in this movie; I really hated Vidal (Ofelia’s father). He’s hateful, really.

I love this modern fairy tale where the end may not be what you expect or even want… It’s just lovely.

So, that’s my pick. What about your favorite foreign movies?

See you soon, dear friends!!


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