On The Next three days…

The Next three days is a movie featuring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. I saw it last weekend, and while I liked it, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it.

In this movie, Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are a happily married couple. One day the police break into their house and take Banks away, accused of murder. All the evidence is against her, and they will not accept a “she’s innocent” for an answer.

What is a man to do? Well, he’s to go to Liam Neeson (who, as we know, is a god in at least two religions and trained Batman, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader), so he can tell him how a person can escape from prison, but most importantly, how to stay out of prison. And of course, Liam Neeson obliges.

The performances are, of course, very good. I may not love Russell Crowe, but the man can act. And Elizabeth Banks is always delightful. Crowe takes you on a ride, from being totally confident on the law and the system, to actually realizing that the law will do nothing for his family. He’s a good father and husband, and he HAS to do something. Banks does a great job at showing us how brokenhearted she is, how angry, how desperate… at one point you can see she has decided that her fate is set… you can’t tell if she’s guilty, but you feel for her. You feel for all that family. The story has nice turns, and some very nice and clever touches too.

However, this movie I think is far from perfect. More than anything, I felt it was too long and slow. I thought I had been watching it for an hour, and it had only been half an hour… if it had been quicker and shorter, it would have been much better.

Well, that’s my take on The Next three days. Feel free to share your point of view!

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On The Next three days…

  1. You know how I love Russell, but on this movie, I have to agree. It was slow and I thought there was really no chemistry between Russell and Banks, so it was hard to get into. The story would have been great had it been a little tighter (i.e. shorter).

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