Om my favorite Disney movie…

And by this I mean non-Pixar movie. This is a movie that I find interesting, sweet, touching, as well as really funny.

Day 14: Favorite Disney movie.

Enchanted!! Of course!!

This movie is about a fairy tale girl who gets landed in real life New York in order for her not to get married to Prince Charming. By whom? The evil step-mother, of course. The movie is both animated and live action, and the acting is awesome. Giselle is played by Amy Adams, who gives a beautiful performance as a princess who learns to be a real person. To those who say she overacts, I say I disagree. This is exactly how Snow White would act if she were real… and she sings better. The impossibly handsome Patrick Dempsey plays a lawyer who doesn’t believe in true love… until it slaps him on the face, that is. James Marsden plays Prince Charming in an adorable way: chivalrous, fairy tale-like, and absolutely good hearted. And he sings like the angels. Susan Sarandon is a great evil queen… the movie has some beautiful songs, and “That’s how you know” is epic.

The movie pays homage to many different Disney movies, anywhere from Mary Poppins to Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid. It has many trivia facts that satisfy even the most trivia-loving geek, like myself. All in all, a wonderful feel good movie.

Do you like Enchanted? What’s your favorite Disney movie?

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Om my favorite Disney movie…

  1. I’m going back a few decades with this one, but mine is the The Three Lives of Thomasina. Set in Scotland, a story about a cat and a little girl, and a ‘witch’…the girl, and a friend, are the kids from Mary Poppins.

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