On my favorite book adaptation…

This one is both really hard and a no brainer. It’s hard because there are many adaptations I love, but it’s also very easy because it’s my favorite trilogy…

Day 16: Favorite book adaptation.

My favorite book adaptation is The Lord of the Rings, as a trilogy. It’s just awesome work. It did have things I wasn’t completely happy with –Boromir is not so greedy of the Ring, while Faramir never even considers taking the Ring for himself, for example–, but in general it’s a beautiful adaptation.

Also, it did not include everything from the book (hello, Tom Bombadil?), but I think the things the movies didn’t include were not decisive for the general story. Besides, the movies are long as they are… if they included everything, they would be a mini series, and much longer. Therefore, I believe the adaptation is awesome.

How about you? What’s your favorite adaptation from a book?

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On my favorite book adaptation…

  1. Mine, of course, is Harry Potter. With the exception of the 6th movie. What a garbled mess that was.

    • I would say Harry Potter, but as much as Steve Kloves did all the screenplays, the screenplays were not that consistent (HBP, for example). LOTR is consistent; it’s obvius the three movies were done as a whole… 🙂

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